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Meet ouR Staff

Dru D. Hauter, MD


  I was born at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, Illinois. I grew up in San Jose, Illinois where my dad, Dean Hauter, MD, was the small town doctor. I saw the great doctor-patient relationship that was possible and knew I wanted to be a physician.  In 1972, dad and several other small town physicians formed the Abraham Lincoln Medical Group that became the Family Medical Center in Lincoln. I started working there when I was in High School. I worked in Medical records and even ran the switchboard for a summer. I then went to the University of Illinois to study Chemistry and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield. On the first day of Medical School, I met Marcia, my future wife. We became Dru Hauter, MD and Marcia Hauter, MD when we graduated medical school in 1988. We moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for residency. I became certified in Internal Medicine, and Marcia became certified in Family Medicine. We joined the Family Medical Center in 1991. Memorial Medical Center in Springfield purchased both the Family Medical Center and Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital soon after we joined. We left the Family Medical Center after nearly 10 years. I practiced Occupational Medicine and Marcia practiced Wound and Hyperbaric medicine. I retired from practice at the end of 2017. Since then, I have worked at Illinois State University Student Health and tried to catch up on my "honey-do's."  

    I was introduced to DPC by my son, Ben Hauter, when he was in medical school, and I decided that this was the way to practice. It is giving the care of patients back to the doctor and patient! No middle man, straight forward, efficient, and cost conscious! Sooooo, I am joining the likes of Michael Jordan and Brett Farve and coming out of retirement to finally do medicine right! I guess that is why they call it practice!